Helpign You That Perfect Home

The search for a home for rent in Tokyo is a very time-consuming porcess, especially without the aid of a real estate professional. We are proficient at finding your home that meet your needs. In addtion, we are experts to negotiate the best price for your home. Please take a few minutes to look through the site. Don't see the type of home you're looking to rent? Simply tell us what type of property you are looking for by e-mail or give us call. We'll provied you all our properties that much your request. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. As always, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss all your real esate needs.

Who we are

Seas Compnay Limited, founded in 1985, is one of the most porgressive, respected and sophisticated real estate agency in Tokyo. Its range of activites, responsibilites and operations have dramaticaly increased over the year, and to keep abreast. We are constantly upgrading its services and resources. We also keep an eye to the future assisting wherever possible with the orderly, and also we go to great lenghs to stay focused on what customers need and want. We continue to strive at reaching those dreams, your dreams. Your dreams have been the grass roots of our motivation, and a lot of customers, over 25 years experience, and many success stories are the results of those dreams. We recognize that this will be the single, most important investment a family will make in their lifeitme. For this reason, we have built Seas Company Ltd, in the tradition of porviding a commitment to value, quality, and customer service. Our success has been based on "For the customers".

What we can do for you

We assist our clients with selecting the right layouts, necessary features, the process of moving on the home, and support your comfortable lifetime. Every member has heartily pledged themselves to helping you throughout the process and it does not end when we hand you the keys to your home.